Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there accommodation available in Exmouth?

Where else can I stay if Exmouth is booked out?

Where else could I camp?

Viewing The Eclipse

Are there dedicated sites for viewing the eclipse?

Will food and drinks be available at the dedicated viewing site?

Can I bring my dog/pet into the event?

Do I need special eyewear to view the eclipse?

How much of the eclipse will I see in surrounding areas?

Can I pull over anywhere to view the eclipse?

Planning For Your Trip

How do I plan for my trip to Exmouth?

What do I need to bring to Exmouth?

What do I need to pack for the Eclipse?

Can I take a boat?

What else is there to do in Exmouth?

What other events are happening in the region?

Is there mobile/cell phone reception in Exmouth?

Will there be enough water for everyone?

Travel and Transport

Where is Exmouth?

How do I get to Exmouth?

Will extra public transport be available? – is there transport in town?

Will roads be closed? How can I see road closures?


How do I get in touch with emergency services if I need to?

Can I use a drone?

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Last Reviewed: 2023-04-17