Fremantle Biennale’s First Light Drone Show

Town Beach,
Exmouth, Western Australia, 6707

This event is part of Dark Sky Festival

Join us for First Lights: Nyinggulu on Town Beach in Exmouth – a spectacle of light and sound that illuminates the night sky to share ancient stories of place. Guided by Baiyungu custodian Hazel Walgar of the Nyinggulu coast and Yingarrda-Wadjarri artist Sonya Edney, the spectacular Dreaming story of the great eclipse will resound across the night sky. This is the story born from silence, of Jirndarl and Willarda, the sun, the moon and their first encounter. Produced by the Fremantle Biennale, this is an epic-scale aerial choreography consisting of a fleet of 160 light drones. Before the Drone Show, come down earlier to Town Beach to enjoy an Indigenous cultural event, with a selection of music and dance. From the Baiyungu Aboriginal Corporation’s Jamba Nyinayi Festival, this event will feature innovative performances from community dance projects with the Coral Spawn Dancers, The Jundaru Bulgarbi Crew and the Pundarra Guntharri Dancers showcasing both contemporary and traditional dance. Original music performances with Olive Knight and John Bennet compositions that centre around the traditional Baiyungu story of the eclipse – the meeting of Willara and Jirndarl – and the Jamba Nyinayi Band performing, featuring Raymond Edney, Wesley Mongoo and Jenaya Lawrence. Proudly presented by the State Government of Western Australia in conjunction with Lotterywest and the Shire of Exmouth, tickets are not required for this event. Catch one of the courtesy bus shuttles down to Town Beach to secure your viewing spot from 5pm – 8:15pm on Thursday the 20th of April.

You can find out more about the Fremantle Biennale’s First Light Drone Show here

Image credit: First Lights — Moombaki (2021). Courtesy of Fremantle Biennale. Photo: Duncan Wright

*Please note the Dark Sky Festival program is subject to change

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-20