Astrotourism WA Murchison Settlement Dark Sky Stargazing Night

Ancient Land Under Brilliant Skies epitomises the rich country and beautiful skies of the Murchison. Comprising a rich pallet of local landscapes from Errabiddy Bluff, to the tranquil waters of Bilung Pool, the Murchison Shire has much to explore. Learn about the Total Solar Eclipse, discover why Western Australia is a world-class dark sky tourism destination and find out all about WA’s amazing space science projects. View through telescopes and be amazed at a spectacular green laser pointer tour of Southern Hemisphere constellations. This Eclipse Discovery Tour event is made possible by funding from Tourism WA, CSIRO, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, Scitech and Curtin University. The event is also supported by Astrotourism WA and 18 regional Local Governments, including the Shire of Three Springs. The Eclipse Discovery Tour is a series of stargazing events around Western Australia, your world-class dark sky tourism destination and space science epicentre!

Ancient Land Under Brilliant Skies

Located in the heart of Wajarri country, The Ancient Land Under Brilliant Skies Festival is coming to the Murchison Settlement this April. Learn from CSIRO about the world’s largest radio telescope the SKA, join a virtual reality experience with ‘Beyond The Milky Way’, learn how to cook in a camp oven or take a scenic helicopter flight. Wander the local market stalls of artisan-made goods. Participate in a bushtucker talk and admire indigenous artworks. Circus acts, face painting, costume making and more will enthral the children. Sit amongst the oasis of Murchison and enjoy good food supplied by local caters and enthusiasts. In the evening, relax with fantastic performances or participate in a stellar stargazing event, including three spectacular green laser pointer tours of Southern Hemisphere constellations.

*Please note the Dark Sky Festival program is subject to change 

Published on: 2023-02-16