Jamba Nyinayi Festival

On Wednesday the 19th of April 2023, the day prior to the Total Solar Eclipse, a major Indigenous cultural arts festival is planned for Cardabia Station near Coral Bay. The inaugural Jamba Nyinayi Festival will combine a spectacular drone light show, music, dance, the stars, food and fire.
Jamba Nyinayi Festival will bring a stunning array of WA dance and musical artists, featuring some of the best of Gascoyne talent. Traditional foods will form a part of the cultural experience. The festival will tell the story of what the eclipse means to the traditional owners through a drone light show and an Indigenous music and dance program. All the cultural art shown and performed will be curated around the traditional eclipse story, creating an original and significant cultural experience.
This is an exclusive event to Coral Bay accommodation holders, and as such the event capacity is limited to ensure access for those with accommodation. This is a free ticketed event and registration is essential to ensure comfort for those attending.

*Please note the Dark Sky Festival program is subject to change 

Last Reviewed: 2023-04-05