Solar Eclipse
Western Australia


The 2023 Solar Eclipse is an extraordinary and rare astronomical event that represents a unique opportunity for Western Australia.

On April 20, the shadow of the moon will graze the tip of the state in a 40-kilometre-wide track, as it travels over one of the most beautiful parts of the world – the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo region near Exmouth.

Exmouth is the only town within the line of totality making it one of the only places on earth to experience a Total Solar Eclipse, one of nature’s most phenomenal occurrences.

2023 Solar Eclipse Destinations

The Ningaloo Eclipse map is no longer available.

A safety-first event

While we’re putting what safety measures we can in place – from traffic management to additional food and water supplies, extra police and first-aiders – your planning, preparation and considerate participation is vital in ensuring a positive experience for all.


Make the most of your trip

Be adventurous. Explore more of Western Australia as part of your 2023 Solar Eclipse experience.

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Last Reviewed: 2023-04-16